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This page is meant to present solutions for common problems. Even though I did my best, there are still some bugs, so here might be solutions.

Redux2 does not work, after upgrading FF or putting strange things in the settings window. I re-installed Redux2, even Greasemonkey, but it did not help at all.
If you cant even get to the settings window of Redux2, you may try to go to the preferences of FF, tab Privacy, then choose 'Show cookies' and find Expand that tree node and look for a cookie having 'redux_settings' in the name column. Highlight that one and press Delete (either the key or the leftmost button)
Only disadvantage: you will have to adjust the settings again.

What is a task force?
A task force (TF) is a collection of armies. It is meant to move multiple armies at a time, buy new troops for all of the armies in it. So when you want to do an attack with multiple armies, just tick them in the armies list, choose a name and click Make Task Force. Then select the TF and do what you want.

How do I add people to the highlighter lists?
Either enter names manually by adding the names each on a new line in the boxes on the settings page, or to add a whole alliance, go to their alliance info page and choose one of the buttons appearing at the top.

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